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A typical well in Ghana

A typical well in Ghana

In the western world, as we now know it, people have constant, instant access to water, whether it be from numerous bottles or from our taps, all of which can be accessed at any time day or night.

Have you ever given a thought when you drink this water about the ‘Forgotten continent’ – Africa, where in the 21st century they still do not have access to clean drinking water? Can you believe that more than a billion people throughout our world are still without drinking water?

This is where W.I.W.A. (Wells in West Africa) comes in. This is a project very close to our hearts set up by a few people who got together after a visit to West Africa. We feel strongly that far too many people in the ‘Forgotten Continent’ still have no access to water.

It is our aim to search for, and find remote villages that need water so we can build wells in these areas and improve the lives of those who live there. We are only funded by the generosity of friends, family, colleagues and ourselves. We donate our time spent on this project free of charge, we walk, cycle and even have boot sales to raise the money, so that every penny raised goes straight to building these wells.

We realise that we cannot solve the problem, but we can hopefully make a difference.

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